About the Holistic Practitioners

Dana E. Malave CHHC, AADP


Dana E. Malave, CHHC born and raised in Bayside, Queens, has been in practice for 11 years. She works with individuals as a Life and Health Coach to create balance in the areas of Physical Wellness, Career, Relationships and Spirituality. Dana’s holistic practitioner certification comes from IIN. (Institute for Integrated Nutrition).

"I have always lived a holistic lifestyle. When I learned of the philosophy of the power that made the body heals the body, it just made so much sense to me. This was the final piece I needed to add into my own lifestyle.  Holistic care is the secret to longevity, it's the secret to enhancing and prolonging the quality of your life, it's the secret to rebuilding your health. It's the secret to life that I want you to share with EVERYONE!" 

Ronit Vilan, D.C.


Dr. Ronit Vilan has been in practice for over two decades and back in Bayside, Queens. She is a  holistic chiropractor trained in several techniques. Her focus is on getting to the root cause of any health concern. Dr. Ronit also specializes in pediatrics and pregnancy care. 

"Ever since I was little, I have wanted to help people live healthier lives without relying on needless drugs or surgery. For over 24 years now, I have been blessed with the opportunity to help people achieve their optimum health with chiropractic. Our office is empowered by the love and the positive environment we have created in   to help patients achieve their optimum health. It's been so rewarding to see the miracles of health that the body creates as long as there is no interference. My true passion is working with children and pregnant women. As a mom, I've also seen firsthand the impact of holistic healthcare on the lives of my children."