Polarity Therapy

What is Polarity?


Polarity is a powerful healing art based on ancient understandings of the electromagnetic movement of energy in the human body. It bases its understandings in the three basic laws of energy (quantum physics). The practice of polarity therapy addresses all patterns of the energetic being: The mind, emotions and physical body as they align with the spirit. The healing art of polarity includes techniques we recognize by the names of reflexology, acupuncture, Ayurveda, yoga & craniosacral balancing.  

Polarity Therapy is a trans-formative process that brings movement to the thing that is not moving. It is a way of working with the fundamental energies of life, of bringing these energies into a state of balance and free flow throughout the entire human energy field. An open ended system, Polarity Therapy draws from many healing traditions, Western and Eastern, ancient and modern, to form a remarkably integrated and powerfully therapeutic system.

 We now offer Polarity in our office.