Gabapentin and Methocarbamol are now my exes.



I was having severe neck and upper back pain due to severe stenosis. I’ve had this problem for a number of years. I had severe pain in both hands due to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I was two days away from surgery. I was unable to sleep or perform my regular duties. My hand pains went from a 20 to a 1. The neck and back pain went away. I’m happy I came to a place where there’s love and an atmosphere like home with family. A few of my co-workers introduced me to Serenity. I’m happy that I no longer take the medications for pain. 

Sandra M. .





Donald Duncan

Donald shares his experience at Serenity Holistic  

20 years in the making


Started as BEST FRIENDS,

Ended up as LOVERS.

Built through our vision boards,

Our future is brighter,

& our Hearts are lighter. 

On January 28th, 2018 we hosted a  vision board workshop... The rest is history

Carmen D. - Brooklyn, NY


I have been a patient at Serenity Holistic Healthcare six months. I choose to be a part of it so I could really focus on my health naturally.

Prior to coming to Serenity holistic Healthcare I have been suffering with various health concerns namely, Diabetes and a pain in my neck and my back due to Herniated disc, that I needed to deal with. I wasn't sure how to go about making the necessary changes in my life to help me make healthy again I didn't know that I need to work with people in the medical field that have sincere concern and passion for helping others with their health issues. I've been given lots information and helps educate myself about my overall health not just a treat the problem.

Dr Ronit Vilan has been so kind and concerned about my health and consults me on a regular basis she is always available to answer my questions or concerns and has always take the time to listen to what I have to say. She's very knowledgeable about my elements and provides me with the vitamin supplements that help as treat my condition. She informs me the physical exercises I need to heal my body as well. I have learned the proper exercise to do that I could strengthen the curve in my neck which helps to send the proper signals to the brain that will produce the natural chemicals in the brain to send the right messages to heal the body.

Dana Malave has provided me with information about the proper nutrition that would need to help heal myself as well as I mentioned before I'm being taught how to treat my overall health. Knowing what products to purchase for my house has helped me to make much healthier decisions about what I put in my body. I'm learning how to eat to live. 

Doctor Ronit Vilan and Dana Malave have been very supportive to me and extended themselves to me. I'm grateful to have met them. They help me keep stay focused on track with my health. 

Carmen D. 

 December 2018

Ben, U.S. Army Vietnam Veteran



I had back, shoulder, hip and leg pain. These pains began a long time ago. It was affecting me mentally, emotionally, and physically. The shoulder pain is gone and the rest has significantly lessened. I also sprained my ankle recently which was completely healed in 3 visits. My overall quality of life has improved in many positive ways. The most impressive thing about the office is the positive, cheerful, loving, uplifting, and holistic approach to everything. I know that care will enable and assist my body to heal itself. I am retired, volunteer wherever I am needed, and enjoy playing golf! I am a disabled Vietnam vet who is healing and gradually getting off of my meds!!


July 2018

Ben's update December 2018

  When I began receiving treatments from a Holistic Healthcare practitioner I really didn't know what to expect. As a Reiki Master Teacher, I really only grasped the concept of Holistic Healthcare which encompasses treatments of the whole person, Body, Mind, and Spirit! Well to my surprise and delight, that's exactly what happens at the wonderful Serenity Holistic Healthcare location! Both Dr. R. and Dana have, over the past six months, helped me to begin to heal many areas of my mind, my spirit, and especially my body. They made certain from the outset that I understood that healing the whole person would take time, especially after all of my years of being treated for symptoms rather than for my whole System! Therefore, I say to anyone needing a more thorough, Holistic type of chiropractic Healthcare, Serenity Holistic Healthcare is "just what the Doctor (R) ordered"! And in keeping with the very best type of practices today, they offer you a free initial check up! Now the next move is up to you. Do the right thing for the very best Healthcare that anyone could receive!

New York Mike


 I went to this office a few weeks ago when I could not stand up straight from a back injury and WOW what amazing results I saw in a short period of time ... They offer a lot of tremendous advice on a lot of health issues ... I give them a NewYorkMike highest 5 Star 

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ recommendation ... 



Where can I begin? I have been seeing Dr. Ronit and Dana for treatment since late March of 2018 and must say I have started to see improvements in my health and wellbeing from my very first adjustment. I must add that I suffered from hormonal imbalance and extreme anxiety as well as severe cystic acne. I have been searching for a holistic practice for quite a while and when I heard that one opened right downstairs from my workplace I knew in my heart it was meant to be. The second I got downstairs and was greeted by Dana I knew that I was in the right place. The office is beautiful, clean and delivers such tranquil and positive vibe. Dana is just so upbeat, authentic and always has this assurance in her eyes that tells you that everything will be alright. For me she has been very helpful to my soul and I believe a healthy life comes from a happy and positive soul. She genuinely cares for her patients and gives her patients the confidence they need to move forward. I do not know what I would do without them. Dr. Ronit is also so amazing, not only has she helped clear up my skin in under 3 months with the adjustments but she also has given me great techniques to reduce my anxiety. My menstrual cycle is finally back on a month to month basis (after getting it only once a year since I was 16 and I am currently 31) and I look better than ever. She helps my body and mind feel at ease and ALWAYS helps relieve my anxiety. Dr. Ronit has a very calm and encouraging manner and it is always a delight to see her. I can’t write enough on how these two wonderful women are helping me change my life. Not only are the educating me on why getting adjusted is so important but they are also helping me make better choices in my everyday life. They never make me feel as if I should be sorry or ashamed for my mistakes and they are always there inspiring me to achieve self-care and self- love. I see a major difference in my health and adjusting has helped my acne and hormonal imbalance TREMENDOUSLY and I see a great difference in my mental health as well. I believe that everyone needs to come in for a consultation and at least see what I saw and then I am positive you would want to take that step to a better healthy lifestyle. Dr. Ronit and Dana WILL EDUCATE you on everything you need to know about why our bodies need to get adjusted and how much of an impact the spinal cord has on our lives.