Thermography Scan

Measuring the function of your body

This thermography scan is advanced technology that  uses infrared to measure nerve blockages which control every cell, tissue, and organ in the body.  The colors indicate where your body is under stress and malfunctioning.  Using this tool is highly safe for all patients including pregnant women and babies. 


We use the thermal scan in the office because it is a test which determines function. Function is the true measure of health in the body. The thermal scan tells us where there is an interference of messages flowing from the brain to the body. It’s like when a light appears on your dashboard saying you need oil or more pressure in your tires. Any color that appears on the scan indicates that the nervous system is not functioning at 100%. Green means blockage, blue is more, and red is severe. The body is breaking down which leads to dis-ease in the body. Many times the scan will tell us things about the body before we have symptoms and way before things show up on blood tests.